Activated Hydrogen Peroxide is Better than Ozone

AHP is better than Ozone

The Pros and Cons of any Ozone Generator Treatment - For a dozen years, ozone has been the best tool for many remediation services.

  The Benefits of Ozone     The Trouble with Ozone  
Chemical Free Process
Eliminates Most Odors
Sanitizes the Area
Kills Mold & Mildew
Take hours for a Treatment
Leaves that "Ozone Smell"
Can Over-Treat 
Cannot Treat Large Areas

Activated Hydrogen PeroxideRecent breakthroughs with hydrogen peroxide has brought a new generation of oxidizing agents.  The primary value of ozone is that it is a gaseous oxidizer.  Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent as well, but it can be delivered in a mist form that is actually more effective than ozone, and it can be applied in less time.

AHP does everything ozone can do, and more.  Unlike ozone, AHP is an EPA registered product that has an impressive body of science and support.  This is the liquid version of ozone that oxidizes environmental threats, but is also biodegradable, safe, leaves no toxic residue.

AHP can be targeted to deal with small areas, or it is versatile enough to treat large areas.  And, when it come to indoor air quality, AHP radically clears the air and reduces ambient VOCs, chemical residue, and pollution.

SanitizingAHP is a "Seven- Log Sanitizer":  That is 99.99999% killing power with a "No Touch" system that is EPA approved for food preparation and serving areas, and hospital sanitizing.  Quickly applied anywhere with a "No Touch" system that will not cross-contaminate areas as may happen with hand cleaning methods.

Extraordinary Odor Elimination:  Because AHP can be delivered to any area as needed, the worst odor problems can be effectively treated.  AHP will treat curry smell, pet and urine odor, and smoke smell.  This is a service that the real estate world desperately needs. 

Kills Mold and Mildew on Contact:  As a spray application, the power of AHP brings an effective solution to mold problems that works quickly and better than ozone on mold.  You will even pass more final inspections with AHP final treatment.  AHP is a safe and powerful solution for any mold remediation project.

Improve Indoor Air Quality:  One treatment with AHP will literally clear the air and detoxify a home or building.  The process is a major cleansing treatment to the facility that neutralizes chemical residue, toxins, allergens, and pollution from the building.  Many people see immediate relief to their well-being and sleep enjoyment.

Before buying an ozone generator, look into the AHP system.  
Faster treatments, better results, and no lingering ozone after-smell