32G Pro HC with 12 volt Option

Introducing the "New for 2017" 32G Pro HC with a 12 volt power supply.  Just plug the unit into the 12 auto outlet, and let it run with fan on full power.  So small, it fits on the center console of most vehicles, and it will treat most cars or trucks in 45-60 minutes.  No need to run it for 12-24 hour.  This is a truly powerful ozone generator.

For a 12 volt system, you might expect less ozone output.  Not the case!  When we plugged this unit into the 12v lighter socket, it kicked out a powerful stream of ozone.  It was astounding, and it will certainly do the job.  No longer will you need extension cords, moving cars around to get them serviced.  Just leave the car running with full blower for 30-60 minutes for a complete odor and sanitizing treatment.  

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The 32G Pro HC has the latest T22 ozone transformers.  This unit runs cool, and produces extreme amounts of ozone for your problem issues.  Instead of a 110 power cord, we switch to a green cord with a plug-in adapter for the cigarette light outlet.  If you want the 110 volt version, go back to our Home Page.

This is the Best Ozone Generator for cars, trucks, RVs, and fleet managers.  The hard case is durable.  It is extremely powerful and super easy to maintain.  Frankly, you cannot compare these unit to anything else you see our there.  The 32G pumps 32,000 mg/hr making is the top ozone generator for vehicles anywhere.  Using the cigarette light outlet for the 12 volt system offers the best car ozone machine anywhere.


  This is a 12 volt system