All New 32,000 Pro Ozone Generator

The 32,000 mg/hr ozone generator is truly commercial-grade equipment.  We did not convert a vacuum cleaner, air blower, or large fan into an ozone generator.  The 32,000 mg/hr system was built in the United States to be a commercial ozone generator.  

Corrosion Proof Stainless Steel Strong Fan T22 Cells
Non-Corrosion for Maximum Protection Ozone Cells
Cool Running Powder Coated Made in USA Three Year Warranty
Made in USA Powder Coating for Maximum Protection Made in USA

Literally no one offers so much quality at this price point.  Look around, and you will find our prices are excellent and our equipment is the best in the business.  In late 2015, a team of engineers, designers, and ozone experts gathered to design the ultimate ozone generator.  The result was the new 40,000 mg/hr unit that can literally operate at Top Performance for five years with heavy use.  

At first, the target price was $695, which seemed a great value.  But, we not only have our own fabrication plant, but we buy the highest quality parts in enough volume to get great pricing.  In the end, you get one of the best ozone generators on the market for just $425.

And, Yes!  Each unit comes with a One-touch Timer for up to eight hours of operation.  And, we include a manual On/Off switch on each unit.

Specs for the 32G Professional Ozone Generator

Weight: Less than 8 pounds
Size: 12" by 9" by 9"
Appearance: Durable powder coat 
Case: 060 Gauge Heavy Duty Housing
Power: 110 VAC - 10 amps - grounded, fused, and short-protected
Switch: On/Off with external timer
Ozone Output: 32,000 mg/hr
Transformers: Two T22 (16,000 mg/hr) transformers and plates
Powder coated case that endures heavy use
Life Expectancy: 5-7 year design with normal maintenance