How to Use an Ozone Generator

How to Use and Ozone GeneratorAs with any machine, there are Do's and Dont's for the use of an ozone generator.  Knowing how to use an ozone generator is as important as knowing how to use any power tool.  Ozone can be misapplied, and the results are not as expected.

We have a course for those who would like to benefit from a quick, online course on using ozone.  Normally, $50 when offered to maintenance workers, we have revised this material for the homeowner who wants to know the right way to use an ozone generator.

There are questions of they size of machine, the duration or repetition of the ozone treatment, and any concerns for the use of ozone.  

We also point out why ozone doesn't work in some situations; and although it is a pretty simple concept, this part of the successful use of ozone is often missed.

Best Ozone Generator has added two free values to our ozone generators.  We will send you the link to the Homeowners Ozone Training course, and we are prepared to offer advice and support to our customers if they have any questions.  We feel that the Best Practices for the use of an ozone generator allows the uses to have the best possible results.