About Ozone - Just the Facts

Lightning Produces OzoneSimply stated, ozone is a gas created from ordinary air or in tandem with an ozygen concentrator.  Normal breathable oxygen (O2) is converted by a UV light or electrostatic spark to a new formation known as ozone (O3), so we are simply using Nature's method of deodorizing and sanitizing since ozone is made in nature via lightning storms and UV light in the stratosphere.  Ozone is an environmentally-safe and chemical-free solution to pollution in our world.  But, like any good thing; too much or too little can be bad for us.  Lust like water, you can die of thirst or drowning if you don't get it right.

Well, ozone is a respiratory irritant when in higher concentrations.  That is why you will find a warning label on our equipment stating that you should wear a carbon filter mask when working with higher ozone concentrations.  Please take that warning seriously.  Exposure to higher levels of ozone will sting your nose, cause a tickle cough, or create a tired lung feeling like having run a race.  Long exposures to high ozone levels can be harmful to your immediate health.

With that said, ozone is always around us doing some marvelous things.  Ozone is a great odor destroying force.  It will eliminate smoke and cooking odor, pet and pet urine smells, and nearly any other foul odor.  It is only a matter of how much ozone exposure is needed.  Now here is an issue regarding ozone generators.  You will find 5000, 7000, and 10,000 mg/hr ozone generators making claims that they can do remove odors and kill mold in a 4000 sq ft room.  Well, if you study the instruction; you will find that the unit must be run for 12, 24, 48, and 72 hours to do the job.  Our 40,000 unit will do the job even better in just 3-6 hours of treatment.

Ozone will also kill mold and mildew in the home, but requires higher levels of ozone to do the job.  Ozone is one of the best sanitizing agents in the world, and will kill bacteria and germs in the building as well.

Ozone will start to decay (revert back to O2) in about twenty minutes.  Once the treatment is done, air out the building for 15-20 minutes to speed up the return to normal air more quickly.  The ozone smell will linger for 12-48 hours after a treatment.  Some like the smell, other think it smells like a poolhouse.  To get rid of the ozone smell more quickly, use an Ozone Neutralizer spray.

We feel ozone is environmentally friendly, because it is a non-chemical process found in nature.  It consumes no raw product and leaves no residue or trash behind.  

In the real world, ozone is used in many industrial applications.  The FDA approves of ozone to sanitize the foods with eat.  It is considered GRAS (Generally Accepted as Safe) for the food processing industry.  EPA recognizes ozone as a legitimate sanitizing agent.  Many water treatment plants use ozone to sanitize our drinking water.  Major public aquariums use ozone to kill pathogens in the water.  Water reclamation projects use ozone to treat foul water.  

Many pool companies now replace chlorine treatment with ozone treatments.  And, ozone services are popping up across North America, and the rest of the world, as legitimate services to remove odors, sanitize, and even fight infections.  Many mold remediation companies use ozone as part of the mold removal process.  And, there are even ozone laundry systems being used by many hotels, hospitals, and cleaning services.