About Ozone - Just the Facts

Lightning Produces OzoneSimply stated, ozone is a gas created from ordinary air or in tandem with an oxygen concentrator.  Normal breathable oxygen (O2) is converted by a UV light or electrostatic spark to a new formation known as ozone (O3), so we are simply using Nature's method of deodorizing and sanitizing since ozone is made in nature via lightning storms and UV light in the stratosphere.  Ozone is an environmentally-safe and chemical-free solution to pollution in our world.  But, like any good thing; too much or too little can be bad for us.  Lust like water, you can die of thirst or drowning if you don't get it right.

Well, ozone is a respiratory irritant when in higher concentrations.  That is why you will find a warning label on our equipment stating that you should wear a carbon filter mask when working with higher ozone concentrations.  Please take that warning seriously.  Exposure to higher levels of ozone will sting your nose, cause a tickle cough, or create a tired lung feeling like having run a race.  Long exposures to high ozone levels can be harmful to your immediate health.

Basically, ozone does one thing!  Ozone is an oxidizer.  When used, ozone will change the molecular structure of whatever it touches.  Like iron oxide is commonly called rust, it is a different resulting compound.  The best way to apply ozone is to saturate the air with ozone.  As a gas, the air touches many things, but it is TOPICAL and does not get into fabrics, carpets, or thick film barriers as well.

The mistake many poorly-trained ozone applicators make is trying to force ozone into embedded odors.  To do this, they OVER-TREAT and then they embed of the ozone smell.  In the simple belief that "More is Better", ozone applicators bring in several machines or run them too long.  If the ozone smell last longer than 12-24 hours, the National Ozone Association says the treatment was too intense or prolonged.

Then, there are the rare occasions where over-treatment can affect soft rubber, delicate electronics, soft film polymers.  It is not wise to try to overwhelm odor problems by running an ozone generator for long periods.  The cure may then become another type of problem.

During an ozone application, people and pets should vacate the building.  If the treatment is 6, 8 , 12, and 24 hours in duration, the people are in inconvenient circumstances.  Wouldn't it be better if you could get the same results in an hour or two without any ozone smell when the work is done?