Helping People with Asthma, Allergies, and MCS

Best Value Ozone GeneratorsIf you have family member with allergies, asthma, multiple chemical sensitivities, or struggling with poor health; the air itself can make a huge difference.  For people withe health issues, little things matter.

Healthy people can ignore infections.  They can ignore toxic conditions, and sleep well in a house others cannot endure.  If you are healthy, count your blessings.  You never know what you have until it is taken from you.

Toxins and pollution in the environment beats against our immune system throughout our life.  If your immune system struggles, the things we use to ignore now plague us day and night.  

If the problem were foul odors, everyone would be complaining abut the indoor air quality.  But, there is so much more that can affect the air.  Particles in the air are intense.  They are dust, hair, skin flakes, insect parts, pollen, and a variety of chemical dust.

Insects are more than annoying.  Feces from insects dry out and flake into the air.  Do not be surprised by what this means.  Dust mites are everywhere in your home.  They feed on skin flakes, and deposit an enzyme in their feces that is an allergenic protein.

Years of chemical toxic as the the "BIOLOAD" in any building.  These include the residue from cleaning products, candles, sprays, furniture, glue, and so many more products we cannot list here.

Then, there are unfriendly gases.  These are called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that come from cleaning products, paints, glues, and building materials.  One of the most common is formaldehyde that is used to quickly dry wood and paint products.  It is also an ingredient in nail polish.

When you add up the toxins, particles, pollution, gases  ... oh yes, and bacteria, in a home.  The volume is staggering.  When you are young and active, you can ignore all these threats like wearing a raincoat in the rain.  One day, that coat is lost; and these problems get very real.

But, sometime we does realize why our sleep is poor, we feel tired at midday, or there are bouts of "feeling lousy".  After one treatment with Decon Five, the indoor air quality is dramatically improved.  Decon Five solves all the issues I have addressed in this article.  Decon Five dramatically improves indoor air quality.  Many allergy, allergy, and MCS suffers feel serious relief right away.  Try it for yourself and see.