Why h2o2 is Better

Ozone BusinessMore Power - More Solution - Less Time

An average ozone treatment runs about 2-8 hours.  Some low-powered machines may need to run 12-24 hours to do the job.   In business, time is money.  When you count the real cost of ozone machines and their maintenace, you must wonder if there is a better way.  And, one of the big issues is the strong ozone smell that can last for days after the treatment.

Deep Treatments are now possible:  If you are new to this business, you might not realize that some jobs are really difficult.  Odors and contaminants can be embedded into carpet, furniture, drapes, and something called biofilm.  Smoke odors can yellow walls with a thick, sticky tar.  Ozone is a topical that does not penetrate things like pet urine in carpeting, padding, and subfloor.  The post-ozone fogging process touches all surfaces with the ability to go down to the source of hidden odors.

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide DecontaminationReduce Ozone Mistakes:  As good as ozone is, it can be poorly applied.  Running an ozone generator for long periods can leave a persistent ozone smell in the house, and possibly damage rubber or soft plastics.  The bottom line a decontamination process with our h2o2 fogging can easily complete in about an hour, and no smell after the job is done.  Besides, what family wants to be out of the house for 4, 6, 8 and 12 hours?

Ozone is an Oxidizer:  Ozone has one fantastic value.  It is an oxidizer that employs an extra oxygen atom to reach and destroy environmental threats.  And, it is a gas.  Our h2o2 product is also an oxidizer as well using an extra oxygen atom to oxidize environmental threats.  The difference would be the difference between sweeping a dirt floor and mopping a dirty floor.  Sweeping is a good idea to clean your hard floors, but mopping does a better job.

On soft floors like carpet, a vacuum sucks air into the canister which holds the dirt and contaminants.  An extraction carpet cleaning uses a water mix to get even more dirt and contaminants out.  If you want to do the best job possible, every carpet cleaning service knows that it is always best to really vacuum well before using the carpet cleaning system.

Our Proprietary Oxidizer System cannot be matched by any other system.  The awkward truth is ozone is not the complete solution when it comes to the worst problems and over-treatment will cause the ozone smell to hang in the house for weeks afterward.  Do a fantastic job with an h202 fogging to do a far better job in much less time.  

Our h2o2 formula is not straight hydrogen peroxide.  It is a mixture developed for the army twelve years ago, EPA registered, used by U.S. and Canadian research labs as an eco-safe, non-toxic, residue-free decontamination product.  One part of the solution is a surfactant that is extraordinary in its ability to penetrate biofilms and allow our activated ingredients to neutralize the worst threats.  Our product is used for the following application with huge success:

  • Odor Elimination at the source
  • Control infectious diseases with a six log kill of all types of pathogens
  • Kill mold and mildew and inhibit future mold growth
  • Neutralize VOCs. TICs, and chemical residue  (Our even product will decontaminate meth & drug houses)
  • Denature body fluids such as blood and urine 
  • Dissolve and destroy organic residue such as insect feces, embedded organic material
  • Dissolve thick grease and sludge while destroying odors & bacteria hidden inside

As someone in or thinking about the ozone business, consider your best value to customers.  Our dual oxidizing system is easy to apply, very safe, and takes less time to deliver a far better result.  We all know "Time is Money", so what if you could do a superior job in a third of the time of normal ozone treatments?

Your business should not be easy to duplicate and replace!  If you buy an ozone generator from an online promoter, what stops your future customers from doing the same and cutting you out?  Our system is not found anywhere else.  We have sole rights to a product that comes with the kind of credentials that gets you past all the skeptics, validation demands, and stupid objections.  

Here is something you cannot find anywhere, and that is THE PERFECT CONCEPT to grow your business.  Even if you work a 60-70 hour week, your income will max out, and any time not working is a loss of revenue.  A great business will work even if you don't.  This cannot be shared on this website because it is so good that our competition is dying to learn how our system makes them look obsolete.  But, our business model can make you a very wealthy person if you do ONE SIMPLE THING.