Improving the Best Ozone Generator

The 32,000 ozone generator from Best Ozone Generator is an amazing ozone generator, but we continue to ask how we can make our systems even better.  One of the obvious issues is how long the ozone generation plates lasts.  The manufacturer of these plates claim they will last two years; but with heavy use, they may last a year.  We have worked with our manufacturer to create the next generation ozone plates that should extend the life of the plates even longer.  These new plates are more powerful, and produce 150% more ozone than what the former plates produced.  But, they are totally redesigned to last longer as well.

Design is everything when it comes to quality ozone cells.  They are the core of the ozone generator, and the components have been undergoing a lot of review in the last ten years.

To illustrate, the twenty-year old use of stainless steel screen for ozone generators is cheaper to produce but has lower ozone production (regardless of over-hyped claims) and lose power from their first use.  Yet, you will still find these ozone machines heavily promoted on the Internet.  The idea of replacable plates has been around more than ten years, and they were 3.5 grams, 7 grams, 10 grams, and now 16 grams.  Each step meant a big breakthrough in the science and manufacturing of ozone generators.  

The 16 gram plates (called T22) have been updated as well.  They literally produce more than 16 grams, and they are designed to last longer.  This is important to anyone in the ozone business.  We are now using the latest and best ozone plates in our ozone generators.  No one else has them since we are directly connected to the manufacturers, and we aren't explaining the key elements because of the competitive nature of this industry.  However, to be the best ozone generator company, we are always stepping up the quality and value of our systems.  

Finding another ozone generator at this price and power is going to be very hard to do.