Best Price Ozone Generator

Best Price Ozone GeneratorIf you have been searching the Internet, you are undoubtedly confused by now.  To sort things out better, over 90% of ozone generators on the Interent are made in China.  They are cheaply built, and there is no way they can service these machines.  That is why so many are now set aside and not used.  Our 32G Pro HC is "Made in America" and we are proud to support our equipment so you get years of great value for your purchase.

The new 32G Pro HC is frankly, the "Best of Breed" for many reasons.  We are excited about the new T22 ozone cells and transformers.  They feature the unique ability to change the ozone plates in less than 10 minutes.  What no one will tell this, but EVERY ozone generator will need maintenance.  The ozone cell or bulb will not last forever.  What will you do when the system does not produce ozone like it did when it was new?  Chinese ozone generators are intended to be "Thrown Away", so you are required to by a new one.

We reject that idea.  Even at our low price, we want our units to be running at peak performance for years after the sale.  So, we made this powerful ozone generator easy to maintenance.  It opens up to expose the critical parts with easy access.  A phillips screwdriver will allow anyone to replace the ozone plates, and that brings our unit back to "like new performance."

Don't worry, our team will still be there to handle any service you require.  If you don't want to deal with the problem, send it is for a 24-48 turn-around on all equipment.  We charge only a $90 flat rate for full maintenance of the unit (other than physical damage or damage by fliuds).  Or, order the plates for just $60 and never be without your machine.