Best Size Ozone Generator

With all the confusion in the marketplace.  We constantly hear of people considering a 5000, 7000, or 10,000 ozone generator.  Costs range from $295 to $695, so what is the right size ozone generator?  At $425, our 32,000 ozone generator is the multi-purpose workhorse that we strongly suggest.

If you work with used cars, RVs, apartments, or condos; the 32,000 ozone generator is a good suggestion.  The 32G is now available with a 12v plug for easy use in nearly an type of vehicle. It is compact, durable, and really does a fantastic job.

Here's the basic facts.  Do not run an ozone generator for 12, 24, 48, or 72 hours.  Who wants to be displaced that long?  These extended time frames simply mean that the machines are too small.  The target window for a proper ozone treatment is 3-6 hours for a house. 2-3 for an apartment, and an hour or less for a car.  And, there is a reason for short cycles of ozone.

Long term ozone exposure is damaging to rubber and other elastomeres.  It is called embrittlement, meaning that the rubber is aging more quickly.  Short burst of high ozone are not detrimental to such items because of the limited exposure to an oxidizing agent.