Works Faster & Better than Ozone

It took a while to introduce the virtues of ozone to the world, but now there is something that works faster and better than ozone.  Many small businesses have started using ozone as the primary treatment.  So, it is a bit of a culture shock to say that we have now found something better than ozone.  But, the facts will speak for themselves.  

Generally, ozone is applied as a gas.  Ozonated water does not hold ozone for long, and quickly escapes if pressurized.  But, the truth is that we could use less ozone and get better results if we could deliver the treatment as a spray or mist.  By comparison, ozone machines must push large quantities of ozone into the air to reach a high-saturation level to treat a building.  And, the process can take several hours to do the job.

Even after the job is done, there is a strong ozone smell that may take days and weeks to disappear.

Our AHP process is kind of liquid oxidizing spray, much like ozone.  Ozone is basically an oxidizing agent.  Hydrogen peroxide is also an oxidizing agent that floods oxygen atoms to the problem areas.  The big difference is that hydrogen peroxide will stay in the water allowing the application to deliver more oxidizing power to the treatment areas.

Treating an average home can be done in about an hour!  And, there is no strong after-smell.  You might notice a light, soap-like smell that doesn't last long.

AHP is an amazing breakthrough that does not compromise our concerns for environmental safety.  After the treatment, customers can immediately return to normal operation know that there are no toxic chemical residue.  The product is biodegradable.  This EPA registered product is safe enough to be used in food preparation areas, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Yet, the extraordinary power of this oxidizing treatment eliminates all types of odors, kills mold and mildew on contact, sanitizes better, and improves the indoor air quality.