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Get Rid of Car Odors with Ozone

Used Car odorsBad smells in used cars are common.  Whether it is a trade in or a used car from the auction, the burden to get the car ready for the sales lot can be difficult.  You can buff out the paint, tune up the engine, put new tires on, and scrub the interior; but many odors will remain.  So, what is the best way to get rid of car odors?

Best Price Ozone Generator

Best Price Ozone GeneratorIf you have been searching the Internet, you are undoubtedly confused by now.  To sort things out better, over 90% of ozone generators on the Interent are made in China.  They are cheaply built, and there is no way they can service these machines.  That is why so many are now set aside and not used.

Best Ozone Generator for Hotels

Ozone Generator for HotelsOzone is a great way to eliminate smoke and other odors from a hotel room.  Many ozone generators are 2500, 5000, and 7000 mg units, which are relatively small units requiring 12, 24, and 48 hours to eliminate strong odors.  As a hotel, motel, or apartment complex; waiting that long is a loss of revenue.  

Tips on Buying an Ozone Generator

Made in USA Ozone GeneratorAll ozone generators are not created alike.  First and foremost, ozone generator made in China or sold on eBay are cheap and poorly made.  The hype rarely lives up to the performance, and the equipment fails far too quickly.  Then, there is no way to send it back.  Imagine the expense of returning a unit.

Best Ozone Generator Rental

Best Ozone Generator RentalWhy rent an ozone generator when you can buy one?  First of all, a rental machine is almost always a low-powered unit that may not be functioning like it should.  Secondly, you may find out that there is a need for a second treatment for really embedded odors.

Improving the Best Ozone Generator

The 32,000 ozone generator from Best Ozone Generator is an amazing ozone generator, but we continue to ask how we can make our systems even better.  One of the obvious issues is how long the ozone generation plates lasts.  The manufacturer of these plates claim they will last two years; but with heavy use, they may last a year.

Best Size Ozone Generator

With all the confusion in the marketplace.  We constantly hear of people considering a 5000, 7000, or 10,000 ozone generator.  Costs range from $295 to $695, so what is the right size ozone generator?  At $425, our 32,000 ozone generator is the multi-purpose workhorse that we strongly suggest.