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Works Faster & Better than Ozone

It took a while to introduce the virtues of ozone to the world, but now there is something that works faster and better than ozone.  Many small businesses have started using ozone as the primary treatment.  So, it is a bit of a culture shock to say that we have now found something better than ozone.  But, the facts will speak for themselves.  

Avoid Embedded Ozone Smell

One of the unexpected problems that may frustrate novice ozone users is the over-treatment of ozone that cause the ozone smell to permanently embed in the building.  Sadly, ill-informed ozone promoters suggest that ozone treatments are run at high saturation levels for prolonged periods.  The National Ozone Association suggests that no ozone treatment should last longer than eight hours in order to prevent the embedded ozone smell.

Extreme Mold Killing Power

Mold Removal ServiceOne of the claims of ozone generators is they they will kill mold and mildew.  In fact, ozone does kill mold and mildew.  It is hard to determine how long or how much ozone is required to kill a mold problem. So, ozone is not a complete solution.