Tips on Buying an Ozone Generator

Made in USA Ozone GeneratorAll ozone generators are not created alike.  First and foremost, ozone generator made in China or sold on eBay are cheap and poorly made.  The hype rarely lives up to the performance, and the equipment fails far too quickly.  Then, there is no way to send it back.  Imagine the expense of returning a unit.  So, it is best to discount any ozone generators you see on eBay or a similar wholesaler's website.

Secondly, would you buy a pair of pants made from a shirt?  Sounds crazy, right?  Well, the second game played on the public is Internet promoters who buy fans, blowers, and vacuum cleaners and convert them to ozone machines.  First of all, forget about any warranty once this "Hacked Ozone Generator" is mutated.  Secondly, few people know that ozone is mildly corrosive.  So, a fan not built to operate in a high ozone environment is turned into an ozone generator, expect things to fail.  This is a classic mistake that promoters carefully avoid mentioning.

Finally, what about support and reparability?  This is one of the reasons the is dedicated to something far better.  Without raising the cost of a professional ozone generator, we have built an ozone generator that should last for years with only modest maintenance.  

We offer an American Made Ozone Generator that is powerful enough to do the job, and reliable enough to do the job for years.