Extreme Mold Killing Power

Mold Removal ServiceOne of the claims of ozone generators is they they will kill mold and mildew.  In fact, ozone does kill mold and mildew.  It is hard to determine how long or how much ozone is required to kill a mold problem. So, ozone is not a complete solution.  

Mold can be hidden behind walls, in attic areas, or scattered around the basement.  The first duty for mold remediation to to clean and clear away all mold damage so the material is fully exposed.   There are no shortcuts when treating mold.  Damaged goods need to be removed, and clean down to good wood or surfaces.  When the remediation works is complete, the final treatment destroys any root or remnant, including wayward spores.  That is where our AHP product is the best solution.

Given a choice between treating mold and mildew with an oxidizing gas that can take several hours or a direct spray oxidizer that will take an hour or so, which make the most sense?  Add to this, the oxidizing spray (AHP) will reach down into the material and kill the root, and AHP will leave behind a mildewstat that inhibits the regrowth of mold ... this is a simple choice.

But, there is more.  The misting of AHP will gradually fill the air so it grabs and neutralizes mold spores.  AHP is a fantastic way to improve the indoor air because it not only treats surface, but dramatically clears the air.

What you may not know is that mold creates mycotoxins, which are threats to health.  Not only is the mold spores eliminated, but the toxins in the home are powerfully neutralized.