Why Activated Hydrogen Peroxide is Better

How to Use and Ozone GeneratorFirst of all, a quick Internet search will bring up the good and bad about ozone.  Frankly, ozone is a good idea.  It comes from nature and has numerous uses.  But, just understand that ozone does one thing.  It is an oxidizing agent.  And, oxidation has many application.  And, our goal is not to discount the real value of ozone.  However, what if the same oxidizing process could be delivered in a better way?

Activated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) is also an oxidizer that is every bit the equal of ozone.  AHP has something that ozone does not.  It is EPA registered and shown to be an effective cleaner, odor remover, moldicide, algaecide, and fungicide.  They EPA registration shows that AHP is a 99.99999% sanitizer that is delivered in a "No Touch" manner, so there is no cross-contamination.

How safe is AHP?  This product is approved to be used in food preparation and food service areas.  It is also used by hospitals, labs, research facilities, governments, and the military around the world.  

Rather than expensive equipment that needs constant maintenance, AHP is applied with ULV foggers, electrostatic sprayers, and spraying equipment depending on the application.  How hard is that?

But, our AHP is not the same of what passes for activated hydrogen peroxide.  Other hydrogen peroxide product use high levels of hydrogen peroxide that range from 25% to 35% making them very corrosive and a safety issue.  

AHP has only 4% hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide is the activator for the other inert ingredients in AHP.  

Finally, AHP is biodegradable and leaves no toxic residue behind.  People quickly go back to their normal routine just minutes after the treatment.