Closer Look

Best Value Ozone GeneratorBest Ozone Generators ( 32G Pro HC) are all new and built for long-term use.  We have reinvented the traditional look of the ozone generator by constantly improving, rather than copying, the competition.  Now, they copy us.  For example, the balanced fan is a major part of the consideration.  To much flow can be counterproductive, and too little won't get the job done.  So, our rather expensive, dual ball bearing fan assemblies were chosen for harsh conditions and years of carefree use.

Rugged construction is the second factor in choosing a reliable ozone generator.  Every aspect of the design has been review, upgraded, and we know that these generators will travel well and perform as expected.

Finally, ozone output.  We use the ULTRA-LIFE (16000 mg/hr) plates with the newest transformers.  With our balanced fan output, these machines will take the room to ozone shock level in record time.  The key to a great ozone treatment is hitting ozone shock level quickly.  Minimize the time on the job with a machine that is designed for professional use.

Best Ozone TransformerAs you consider the purchase of an ozone generator, take a look inside.  One of the best features of the Best Ozone Generator is that we have upgraded to the 10G honeycomb plates.  For endurance, they plates mount securely on the transformer extenders.  This makes hte system compact and easier to access for any future repair/replacement needs.

Best Ozone Generator Fan

Our fans are not converted from an air blower system, but chosen for harsh environments and the balanced air output for the system.  The 32,000 fan at 122 CFM is the right output.  The 32,000 fan has an output of powerful but not over-powering CFM, which is an amazing combination with the 32,000 ozone output.

The cases are familiar toolbox style, but that is where any similarity ends.  What is inside does matter.  AC cords that are well secured, efficient design, field serviceable, and stainless steel parts and anti-corrosive fittings.  

Stainless steel ozone generator partsOzone is corrosive, so the care that goes into the build is very important.  It is the little things that matter.

- Fully fused circuits with grounded connections

- Short-proof transformers that will not overheat

- Three year warranty on all durable parts

- Excellent support after the sale, including fast turn-around on repairs

Ease of Maintenance:  Every Best Ozone generator will easily open from the top with just four screws.  Routine maintenance is cotton swabs to clean the plates, and any repairs are extremely easy.  

We project a FIVE to SEVEN YEAR service life for these machines, and with the ease of maintenance, you will never have to send in a faulty machine.  We fully warranty every Best Ozone Generator, you need to know that these are the most reliable units anywhere.