System Upgrades

Replacing Ozone PlatesThis is the "Old Style" ozone transformer ===>>>

What many people do not know is that the plates that generate the ozone will eventually wear out, and ozone production will drop.  Cheap units lose power in about six months of average use.  Better units will last one to two years.  Then, the plates will need replacement.  As you can see, old system use plates that are soldered.  Our T22 transformer have NO SOLDER connections, and are easily replaced with four small screws.  Anyone can do this!

We have had numerous inquiries about upgrading to our new UTRA-LIFE transformers and plates.  This is something we offer to anyone, even if you didn't buy from us.  The ULTRA-Life transformers are the standard 5.5" by 2.25" base with two mounting holes as shown on this older transformer.  If this is the case, we will give you a quote on upgrading your system.

In fact, if your ozone generator used the 5G or 7G plates (5000 or 7000 milligram), our ULTRA LIFE plates will boost your ozone output in a big way with 16,000 mg/hr output.

Listen, we know that many of the loudest promoters have really lousy service.  We are committed to true support, but there is a charge.  In most cases, units are serviced and shipped in just a day or so.  We want your business, and we are committed to earn it by doing what others only promise ... but never do.  You see, there isn't much profit in fixing equipment, but we know how important this is to anyone in the business.

If you bought an ozone generator that is now a doorstop or dust catcher, step up to our 32G Pro HC.  We know that this is the best design, engineering, and quality on the market.  The price is very affordable for the power and quality you get.  Best Ozone Generator is so much more than what you have seen in the past.