Get Rid of Car Odors with Ozone

Used Car odorsBad smells in used cars are common.  Whether it is a trade in or a used car from the auction, the burden to get the car ready for the sales lot can be difficult.  You can buff out the paint, tune up the engine, put new tires on, and scrub the interior; but many odors will remain.  So, what is the best way to get rid of car odors?  There is the "Odor Bomb" approach that generally are a chlorine dioxide or chemical combination that work .... kinda.  

The interest in using ozone to get rid of car odors is a better idea.  With a good ozone generator (not from a China-based Internet source) is a good idea, but you are then left with a parage of boastful providers who all claim their ozone generator is the best.  

Look for a reliable American Made ozone generator.  These are far more reliable.  

Then, look for more than 20,000 mg/hr of ozone output.  Size does matter.  Smaller machines will require 12 hours or more of treatment to do the job.  A professional and powerful ozone generator will do the job in an hour or so.

We would like to recommend our 32G Pro HC.  This 12 volt ozone generator is extremely powerful, but now you can treat cars and trucks without running power cords or shifting vehicles around.  Let the car run for 45-60 minute with this 12" x 9" x 9" unit on the center console. Keep the fan running as well to treat the air system as well.  You will quickly discover how a real ozone generator destroys odors.  

The heavy duty construction of the 32G Pro HC means you will have a reliable odor destroying system with only nominal maintenance.  

We know that first impressions can make or break the sale.  Why let foul odors, cigarette smell, and mildew odor scare away customers or reduce the value of the car?  At $450, you are getting a system that is frankly the best ozone generator for used cars anywhere.  Powerful, reliable, and effective for destroying odors.