Ozone Generator Promoters are Worried

Ozone generator promoters have gone long and hard to hype the value of their ozone generators.  Ozone is an innovative concept with fantastic ability to solve environmental problems.  Yes, ozone generators will remove odors, sanitize, and can even kill mold.  Many independent services have adopted the use of ozone generators believing this process to be more environmentally-friendly than typical cleaning products.  But, it seems that ozone is a specialized concept best applies in industry, but not as efficient in the service market.

Activated hydrogen peroxide has been an elusive concept because it was hard to include the power of hydrogen peroxide in cleaning products.  In the last few years, the move to hydrogen peroxide has been bridged.  Companies like Clorox and Lysol have now jumped from heavy chlorine products to even better hydrogen peroxide products.

Here is a big clue, there are more oxidizing ingredients than ozone.  What ozone does is to introduce extra oxygen atoms into the treatment that then oxidize the threat.  Oxidation changes the molecular composition usually rendering the threat neutral.  So, it is no mystery how ozone works.  Another oxidizing ingredient is hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) which has extra oxygen atoms as well.  But, when applied, the treatment does not cause the "Ozone Smell" that lingers for days after the ozone treatment is done.

And, while it is hard for water to hold ozone, hydrogen peroxide is miscible in water, meaning is mixes well with water.  This means the treatment can be delivered more efficiently to the target areas than ozone as a gas.  This is a breakthrough in odor removal, sanitizing, mold killing, and neutralizing chemical pollution.  Ozone as a gas pushes large volumes of ozone into the air to accomplish the task, but because hydrogen peroxide is applied directly, less volume is needed.

So, here is how activated hydrogen peroxide compares to ozone:

     1- The job is done in less time with greater efficiency
     2- There is no strong ozone after-odor
     3- Greater sanitizing power (99.99999% in a No Touch system)
4- Immediately kill mold and mildew on contact, and leaves a mildewstat to inhibit regrowth
     5- Removes VOCs and chemical residue
     6- Basically, the same PPE as ozone meaning a face mask during application

This is like buying a Chevrolet or BMW for the same price.  Both do essentially the same thing, but the BMW is faster, more comfortable, and is believed to be a higher quality.  

So, ozone generator promoters are starting to worry.  Expect that their vested interest in building ozone generators in their garage is threatened, and they will push misleading reports about activated hydrogen peroxide.  But, the facts are pretty obvious.  Ozone has had its day, but hydrogen peroxide is the next advance in remediation services.