Best Ozone Generator for Hotels

Ozone Generator for HotelsOzone is a great way to eliminate smoke and other odors from a hotel room.  Many ozone generators are 2500, 5000, and 7000 mg units, which are relatively small units requiring 12, 24, and 48 hours to eliminate strong odors.  As a hotel, motel, or apartment complex; waiting that long is a loss of revenue.  

The answer is to use a more powerful ozone generator that can literally do the job in one to three hours.  This is where our 32,000 mg unit is a good choice.  Use this in the room, and the odors will disappear.  But, then there is the problem of the kind of metallic smell of ozone that will linger after an ozone treatment.

We have the answer for that as well.  Our hotel model include an inline 0-60 minute timer to prevent overuse, which is plenty of time for this powerful unit.  We alsp offer an online video to train workers on the best way to remove odors from rooms.

We offer an American Made, professional-grade ozone generator that is used by odor mitigation services charging as much as $150 per treatment.  At that rate, you can buy several units and still save money.

Hotels get numerous abusive types who smoke in the room, bring in pets, cook, and even trash the room.  Ozone is also a very powerful sanitizer in the event that there was a sick person who visited the room.  Ozone will destroy the toughest odors and freshen the room.  A freshening treatment might be just 10-15 minutes.  A full treatment can be done in just an hour.  Always air out the room for 30 minutes before occupation by opening a window or using a fan to bring in fresh air.



We are the only service that offers a lifetime support program to keep you ozone generator at top performance.  Remember, every ozone generator has plates that must be replaced for good performance.  If your system takes days to work or isn't doing the job, it is too small and/or not maintained.  We will quickly refurbish your unit in record time.  Never buy another ozone again.  Our system will give you years and years of great performance.