Best Ozone Generator Rental

Best Ozone Generator RentalWhy rent an ozone generator when you can buy one?  First of all, a rental machine is almost always a low-powered unit that may not be functioning like it should.  Secondly, you may find out that there is a need for a second treatment for really embedded odors.  Thirdly, you are likely to find many uses for the ozone equipment for cars, RVs, boat, pet odors, and even sanitizing the house during cold and flu season.

With our three year warranty, you know that we are confident of the quality of our equipment; and it will perform like new for years.  If not, we will make sure it does.

Ozone is wonderful for removing odors and smoke smell.  It will sanitize the rooms, and even kill mold.  Ozone is used in addition to your best cleaning efforts, and it leaves no toxic chemical residue.  

Yes, our ozone generators are built for commercial users and do not come from China to be resold with a different label by a U.S. reseller.  How good is that warranty if you have to send it back to China?  

And, who knows?   If you find that ozone is a service that you like, it could become a part-time or full-time business.