Time is Money in the Ozone Business

Best Ozone Generator RentalAnyone who has worked with ozone generators knows that they take time to do the work.  Depending on the size of the building and the intensity of the problem, an ozone generator may need to run for hours and hours.  

Not only is this a time and financial cost the the service, but it is a major imposition on the family that must vacate the building during the treatment.  

So, the question is which delivery system is preferred if AHP can deliver the same or better results in  an about hour compared to 4, 6, or 12 hours?  

Time is a factor when it comes to cost, customer satisfaction, and the ability to operate a good business.  It seems like an easy decision if AHP does a better overall job, and doers not leave the "Ozone Smell" for hours or days after the treatment.

Remember, AHP is an oxidizer, much like ozone.  It is also a broad-spectrum decontamination product that treat many types of environmental threats with one treatment.