Finding the Right Size Ozone Generator

Best Ozone GeneratorAfter researching the Internet, most people are totally confused about the right ozone generator to purchase.  There is so much hype and misinformation when buying an ozone generators that, it it easy to become totally confused.  So here are the best items to guide your decision.  After all, we do claim to be "The Best Ozone Generator".  So, here is what we think really matters:  

Issue #1:  Is the equipment American Made?  90% of Internet available ozone generators are made in China, and resold here under a local brand (if any).  Chinese equipment are cheaper systems and cannot be repaired.  These systems do not work as promised, and they fail far too quickly.  Quality control from other countries cannot match what is expected by other companies.  Maybe that is why we get so many requests from offshore.  (This is an actual picture of our fabrication (US) plant)

ISSUE #2:  Avoid Hacked Ozone Generators.  If any over-hyped ozone machine started out as something other than a proper, commercial-grade ozone generator; walk away!  Some promoters have found a short-cut to ozone generator producyion.  The buy air blowers, shop vacs, and even air balloon bloowers that they convert into ozone generators by adding several ozone transformers to the inside.  Huge mistake!  Hacks are just another word for makeshift projects that avoid doing the job the right way.

First, please understand that ozone destroys rubber and delicate component that are common in off-the-shelf blowers.  Motors often have rubber seals, bushings, and more.  We have seen dozens of these hacked ozone generators totally fail, and some have caught fire.  We build in the United States by literally fabricating our own cases and unit assembly in the United States.  

Issue #3:  Is the Unit Reparable/Maintainable by the User?  Here's is a universal fact:  "Every ozone generator will need plate replacement at least every two years with normal use.  Heavy use of the equipment can reduce normal maintenance to one year or less.  When we started the 32G Pro process, we took years of field experience (having used all types of ozone generators) into cosideration.  We tossed out the bad ideas, and re-inventer the ozone nachine from ground up.  We build in America, with American workers; but we also build for the highest level of American engineering.

Issue #4: Power/Output versus Time of Application:  Many ozone promoters try to hide the actual output behind model numbers or bold claims of square feet of coverage.  The unaddressed question is "How long does it take to really treat the area.  So, a 4000 or 9000 mg/hr unit may tell you (in fine print after the sales) to treat for 8, 12, 24 or 48 hours.

For example, our 32G Pro HC produces 32,000 mg/hr, and reaches "Ozone Shock" level much faster.  So, a minor oder issue canbe treated in 1-2 hours, a medium odor issue in 3-4 hours, and a serious odor issue can be treated in 4-8 hours.

Ozone treatments can be done "slow and steady" for long periods, or "fast and hard" with a serious ozone generator.

It is easy to open, easy to maintain, and designed to last for seven years with normal maintenance.  We added air channels for cool operation, an the right air volume fan that would not be too much or too little for the system.  Read more