Avoid Embedded Ozone Smell

One of the unexpected problems that may frustrate novice ozone users is the over-treatment of ozone that cause the ozone smell to permanently embed in the building.  Sadly, ill-informed ozone promoters suggest that ozone treatments are run at high saturation levels for prolonged periods.  The National Ozone Association suggests that no ozone treatment should last longer than eight hours in order to prevent the embedded ozone smell.

Ozone has a cumulative affect.  For example, one of the first threats ozone will solve is killing bacteria and virus.  With increased exposure, ozone will then attack odors.  It takes longer for ozone to kill mold, meaning the treatment is more intense.  Finally, ozone will convert the gases in the building  While this can be helpful, it can also be an unexpected issue.

Some VOCs are part of the resident gases in the building and are attached to fabric, carpet, walls, and clothes.  When there is an  over-treatment with ozone, VOCs will convert and hold the ozone smell for much longer than the normal 12-24 hours.  When a poorly trained service uses ozone at too high a level for too long a period, the ozone smell will permanently embed into the building.

Very little can be done to solve this problem.  At this point, the only solution is to treat the building with Decon Five well enough to neutralize the VOCs that are in a new state.

Decon Five is the one product we have found that removes toxins, toxic gases, VOCs, and pollution from the building and air.  Decon Five will detoxify and decontaminate a building far better than ozone.  And, it does its work without an after-smell.  This EPA registered product is also biodegradable and dramatically improve nearly any environmental threat.