Superior Odor Removal

Odor removal is very poorly understood.  For example, do people really believe that a fragrance product, regardless of advertising boasts, can really solve odor problems?  Also, when real estate agents are taught to bring in warm cookies or use heated potpourri for an open house; we know that odors are not solved by masking odors.

There is only one way to get rid of odors.  They must be treated at the source.  Ozone is an oxidizing process.  It literally converts the odor source at the molecular level.  So, we like that aspect of odor neutralizing with an oxidizer.  Ozone is a laborious process where ozone generators run for hours while the family is displaced during the treatment.  Then, they return to a house that no smells like ozone, but that should pass in a day or two.  Essentially, the ozone smell is more tolerable than the bad smells it treated, and it will not last long.

AHP is applied in about an hour or so, and it is an oxidizing process delivered in a mist form.  A professional AHP service will mist everything in the home with this EPA registered product.  Odors are eliminated, mold and mildew is killed in the process, and toxins and allergens are neutralized in one safe treatment.  

There is no strong odor after the treatment.  The areas are essentially neutral or a faint soap-like smell.  And, there is not toxic residue.  AHP is biodegradable and leaves the area free of other residual environmental threats.

Ozone is good, but AHP is better in several ways.  Knowing that both are basically oxidizing processes, AHP has few negatives and more positives.  Because of the ability to solve many problems with one treatment and a lack of incidental problems, AHP seems like the next generation of oxidizing processes.

AHP also brings a 99.99999% sanitizing process that is very hard to match.  In that many odors are organic or bacterial, the sanitizing power is another inherent value for the customer.